About HCQS LCD manufacturer

Date:2015-03-27 10:46:02
    Our company called HCQS, which is under the (Hong Kong) Xinxin Technology. We are focus on high-tech industries, based on domestic and foreign markets, rely on stable and reliable products and innovative solutions casting quality, to promote sustainable and healthy development of the product.
    Inception mainly OEM and ODM as the main business of the company's operations. Based on production and R & D, sales and service integration, a deep understanding of technology, has made many international brands cooperation opportunities for the development of product supply authorized service providers. Because of perennial and international brands, we have more recent development, and manufacturing experience, management level to enhance the synchronization to ensure the product has a world-class R & D design standards.
   I am new here, but I like this big family, I have learnt lots of knowledge of lcd screen, back cover and flex cables, hope I will be the top sales here soon.