As a professional manufacturer in China , our company contains 90 sales for the sales department and 50 employees for the Marketing department.

Being one of the world's leading providers of parts and services, HCQS provides enterprise solutions for the world's fortune 500 companies and has successfully cooperated with many of them by providing our diversified business services.

When American Telephone & Telegraph required large quantity spare parts, after thoroughly investigating the global market place, they turned to HCQS. They required a parts supply chain that could expand rapidly, deliver OEM specifications at a competitive rate, and deliver on time dock dates. Our company can meet their requirements to keep the business relationship. With the same reason other insurance company and local operators choose HCQS to deal with the business.

Our disciplined ISO quality assurance process allows us to transfer enterprise level remanufacturing standards throughout our global customer base, and the independent repair shop / repair franchise benefits from the same industry best practices as our global and public owned remanufacturing customers. HCQS is proud to offer repair shop level clients maximum competitiveness by selling globally at high volume and extending discounted savings to the independent business owner.

Same kind of smile,yet we are more sincere!

Same kind of service,yet we are more comprehensive

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