How to save electricity for iPhone6

Date:2015-03-28 10:49:47

For iPhone6 user, I'm afraid the power of battery run out too fast, the power consumption of the most frustrating day average user charge is the norm, with heavy usage iPhone6 electricity will charge two or three times a day. So how do you make iPhone6 save electricity and prolong life? Small make up teach you here two methods, guarantee work!


Method one: cancel the battery percentage, so as not to pay close attention to how much power at any time and cause obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Method two: do not use the fingerprint unlock, complex password Settings, as shown in figure I set the password for: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, this will greatly reduce the frequency of the use of mobile phones, you so that you pay more attention to work and study, to achieve energy saving effect.