These 9 functions make Samsung Galaxy s6 beat iPhone 6

Date:2015-03-31 19:13:44
According to TechWeb, once being released, iPhone 6 sells very well around the world and many Adroid users turn to be Apple’s users now. Meanwhile, Samsung as Apple’s strong opponent released Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, which achieve great success in MWC 2015. After a comparison, here appears 9 functions where Samsung s6 win iPhone 6 according to foreign media.

  1. Fast Charging
Though iPhone 6 can be charged very quickly, but in contrast, this charging speed is still lower than Galaxy s6 with fast charging skill. You just need to charge your Samsung s6 for 10 minutes, which can add several hours in stand-by time.
  1. Wireless Charging
Wireless charging module is equipped in Galaxy s6 and Galaxy s6 Edge. But iPhone only can be charged with the help of third-part wireless charging device.
  1. Multiple APP can run together
iPhone 6’s iOS system supports that several tasks can be dealt with together, but there must be just one App running once. While for Galaxy s6 and Galaxy s6 Edge, two Apps can be opened together once and you can copy contents from one App to the other App.
  1. Small area can be lightened to check messages
As we all know, Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge has a double curved surface, so you just need to lighten the side surface of s6 Edge to check messages, which it more convenient to unlock the iPhone screen code.
  1. Knowing who is calling easily
Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge can show different colors to inform you who is calling from the side screen even if s6 Edge screen is on the table and you don’t need to pick up the phone to check it.
  1. Wide paying range
Though Apple Pay is very awesome, it can’t be used in most shops. While Samsung Pay supports NFC and credit card service.
7. Focusing automatically when taking photos
Samsung Galaxy s6 and s6 Edge can focus automatically when you are taking photos with the movement of the items or the person who is holding the phone.
8. Opening camera rapidly
if Samsung s6 is under resting state, you can double click the home button and a photo can be taken with 0.7 seconds. But for iPhone 6, you still need to unlock the screen first.
9. Operating domestic appliances
iPhone 6 can become a TV controller with the help of third-part, while infrared remote control function is equipped in Samsung s6, which can be used to operate domestic appliances, not only the TV.