Samsung S6 edge 64GB version is coming to Malaysia

Date:2015-05-06 15:43:31

The samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 egde listed at the beginning of the fuselage is 32 GB memory version, but after Samsung said it will launch Samsung S6 edge 64GB version for certain large memory market, the release price will be increased 50 dollars on the basis of Standard Edition.

Galaxy S6 egde

According to foreign media reports, 64GB high-capacity version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 egde region will visit Malaysia in mid-May. The version of the Samsung S6 egde has black, white, gold three color options.

Galaxy S6 egde

In addition, the gold version of Samsung S6 will soon officially list recently in Canada. In fact, as early as the Samsung Galaxy S6 it is already listed in

Canada on April 10, but was only black and white color options.

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