Four unsatisfactory points of iphone 6

Date:2015-05-12 16:04:35

No matter which generation of iphone once came in begin, people kept rushing into it and taking it as the symbol of best mobile phone. Although iphone 6 with 4.7inch screen, but there are no perfect thing in this world. There exist some pity points for iphone 6 in my eyes.

Firstly, iphone 6 screen with black and white color, iphone 6 back cover are produced into three color grey, gold and silver, as well as iphone 5s, so it is hard to see a multi-colour metal cover as ipod touch nowadays. There is no doubt that it is a pity for us. I have an ipod touch, I love the outlook, and it seems more treasure for me, as the design is unique.

Secondly, people used to say that iphone 6 mobile phone with lcd screen has water-proof function, which is really exciting thing, but the result also bring us down. Maybe we can say that there are actually no surprises from iphone 6.

Thirdly, the iphone 6 convex camera may be a crucial point to some consumers. Because the hand feel is less comfortable than before. It is the most dislike design of me. But, apple can not rule everything.

Fourthly, self-timer is an inexorable trend now, consumer all looking for a cameral with better resoulution to improve the effect of autodyne. But the pixel of iphone 6 is still 1,300,000.

However, The IOS system of Apple is the most important selling point which nearly overcome all these shortcomings. Its’t it?