Jingdong Sales of Refurbished Machines Response: Regular Sources of Supply

Date:2015-06-10 11:02:00

Last weekend, as CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" reported, iPhone refurbished machines has been on Jingdong Mall. According to Ms. Wu, sheits bought an Apple iPhone 5c phones (non-third-party channels) on Jingdong Mall. However, the phone began to frequent panic after short time using.

It is reported that, after Ms. Wu found the phone's internal and external shown in SEQ ID does not match in machine repair center. Thus, it was suspected that her iPhone 5c was refurbished. Later, Ms. Wu asked Jingdong Mall to make return requirements, but Jingdong insisted to provide replacement instead of making returning.

Shortly, Jingdong Mall official statement in response, saying that the sales of the iPhone from China Unicom Huasheng (China Unicom, a wholly owned subsidiary), the National Assembly for Apple authorized dealers, regular sources of supply. The following is the text of the statement Jingdong Mall

Media reports on the sale of so-called refurbished Apple phone Jingdong:

After investigation, the May 24 media reports mentioned iPhone5c (Unicom version 3G 32GB) products, at September 20, 2013 in the Chinese market, our purchase date is December 3, 2013, sales time for the 2013 December 21. According to the communication service record was informed that failure to use the product after the user, their own to Apple authorized service stations - Digital kotie (Wangfujing) Wangfujing store identification, is judged to be "non-routine" required to pay maintenance, so users In February 2014, Jingdong service department to file a claim. Then the supplier of the product is wholly owned subsidiary of China Unicom, Unicom Huasheng, and the National Assembly is authorized Apple dealer and procurement time from the market only two months time, regular and reliable source of supply. We are willing to cooperate with relevant departments to thoroughly investigate the matter and find out the real problem link.