Force Touch Originally only for iPhone 6s Plus

Date:2015-06-11 11:24:00

According to Taiwan's "Economic Daily" reported that supply chain sources, the concern of the Force Touch pressure sensor had only for the iPhone 6s Plus, now iPhone 6s are full adoption, which makes the pressure sensor needs volume soared three times, because the expected 6s Plus Apple shipped about a year more than 5000 million units, iPhone 6s around 1.5 million units.

Allegedly Force Touch iPhone 6s pressure sensor will be the secret weapon, which according to the user urging the size, there are different feedback and response, such as by efforts to make the screen zoom, adjust the volume, but also handling the film fast-forward speed, to achieve the effect of 3D touch from the plane touch. Apple had previously the Force Touc pressure sensor for Apple Watch and the new 12 inches MacBook.
The report also pointed out that to benefit from increased demand for Force Touch, pressure sensor main supplier TPK and industry to be significantly profitable. Allegedly TPK Chen Hung and industry to become iPhone 6s supply ratio is about 8: 2.